Poke Franchise Opportunity


At POKE Sushi Bowl all of our delicious Hawaiian inspired poke are made using a “non-oil” cooking procedure  and a special filtered water system. Aside from delicious homemade recipes, many of these recipes are a great  source of protein and are high in Omega 3s. They are finished with the finest homemade sauces that contain gluten-free and organic soy sauces. Here we only use natural ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing that corn syrup and artificial flavors will never be used in our dishes. Build your way to delicious, healthy, and fresh food!



    Rising Tides

    As an emerging brand in the poke space, potential franchisees are incentivized by the fact that by joining the Poke Sushi Bowl family at such an early stage, it’ll allow them to capture a larger market share and territory for future expansion. Not worrying about having to compete with other poke franchisees in their area allows franchisees to have higher gross sales, net profits, and in turn, stay open for many years to come!


    Industry Statistics

    Statistics show that poke bowls are becoming the go-to meal for people who are looking for a bite to eat because of their nutritional and bright, vivid aesthetics perfect for sharing on Instagram. According to Technomic, the fast-casual poke industry in the U.S. garnered more than $231 billion. Investing to own a Poke Sushi Bowl franchise is optimal if you’re seeking a quick return on your investment with potential for high profit margins.



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