Poke Sushi Bowl Franchise Offering

Competitive Advantage

Bo understands that his franchise is still at its beginning stages but is very eager to grow. He has brought on industry leaders, Franchise Creator, as his strategic partner who is willing and able to provide any information to potential franchisee candidates. Poke Sushi Bowl franchise offers highly competitive royalty, local advertising, and national advertising fees.

poke sushi bowl priceGet to The Money

Franchise Creator has helped Poke Sushi Bowl streamline their process of on-boarding new franchisees. All in, this investment can range anywhere from $234,700 - $320,900. This covers everything including franchise fee, construction of leasehold improvements, real estate and rent deposits, a 3-month cash reserve, and much more.


The Numbers

Averaging about $718,000 in gross sales across all our locations, Poke Sushi Bowl is very much excited about spreading the wealth across the United States while allowing franchisees to get their own piece of the pie. Net Profits are running roughly around 15% of gross sales per location which allows franchisees to potentially recoup their investments in just 3 years!

With one of the lowest royalty fees in the industry, Bo continues to prove that his main focal point is providing healthy and nutritional bowls of poke while allowing his franchises to make a higher profit and continue to expand their territory. The monthly on-going fees when owning your own Poke Sushi Bowl franchise include the following:
• Royalty Fee: 3% of Gross Sales
• Local Advertising Fee: 1% of Gross Sales
• National advertising: 1% of Gross Sales